Monday, May 19, 2008

More Than A Million Protests ...

A young woman gave an astounding testimony yesterday in church. She has been living in the West End for about a year, now, and believes God put her there to minister to the lost in that area. For those who don't know Vancouver, the West End has become, over the past 30 years or so, an enclave for "alternative lifestyles", the seat of Gay Pride, among other things. She says in the time she's been living there, she's met some lovely people and has been witnessing to them and she's seeing breakthroughs.

She also told of one particular store that caters to transvestites. It appeared to be rather successful, and she started praying over it -- praying for God to take control. A while back, she actually laid hands on the store as she was praying.

Now, she reports, the store has gone out of business and has been replaced by a furniture store.

She also reported that a strip club on Davie Street, over which a lot of people had been praying, had its lease cancelled "randomly" (her word).

This girl's prayer has accomplished more than a million protests or a million petitions with a million signatures. Such actions may satisfy one's fleshly desire to react when one is offended, but all that does is make people think we're attacking or judging them personally, and that never wins anyone to the Kingdom. We are not called to attack or judge anyone, but to show that the Way of Jesus is so wonn derfully bright and filled with hope that there is no other way to go. We need to trust that people will love Jesus enough to keep His commandments (John 14:15; 15:10) and remember how we, ourselves, were convicted of our own sins and repented when we came into the presence of His incomprehensible love.

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