Friday, May 16, 2008

End Times, anyone?

  1. Today's NY Times has a story from Texas, about a plague of tiny ants that defy pesticides.
  2. The "discussion" over "global warming" (or whatever) is pitting urban-dwellers in Vancouver against those who live in the 'burbs as never before. A letter to the editor over the weekend had some jerk who lives in Downtown Vancouver saying that the people who complain about high gas prices because they have to commute longer differences and it's creating financial hardship are finally paying the price for their own "short-sightedness" -- i.e. moving to the 'burbs because they wanted to own a home and didn't want to pay the prices in Vancouver (or live in high-rise million-dollar condos that make mink farms look like the Waldorf-Astoria.
  3. 5-figure fatality count in the earthquake in China
  4. 6-figure fatality count in the cyclone in Myanmar
  5. massive outpouring of grief over the killing of a spider monkey at the Greater Vancouver Zoo
  6. Oprah becomes a "JW" -- not Jehovah's Witness, but "Jesus (Without)" -- i.e. Jesus without religion, accountability, conviction ... or, by extension, repentance and redemption.

Who wants to play a game of "count the signs that Jesus foretold"?

Points 2 & 5 qualify as "the love of many shall wax cold".

Point 6 qualifies as "many shall come, saying, 'I am Christ' ..."

It all means we Christians have to get busy, restore our own relationship with God and help bring others into the Kingdom, because when He returns, we don't want them left behind ... and we don't want to have to tell the Big Sir that we could see this coming and didn't do what we were supposed to.

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