Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wanna Buy A Book? - 2

The title of this blog is "Convenient Truth", and while that's a good general title, it has a very specific meaning. This past week, my new book arrived from the printer: A Very Convenient Truth - Real Hope Amid Climate Change Fears.

The book essentially says, Look: there's nothing new about environmental concerns and it's not like people have been doing nothing about it; but after almost 50 years of activism, organizing, protests and generally scaring the livinbejabbers out of people about global warming, pollution, toxic waste and so forth, we still have the problems and they keep getting worse. Maybe it's time to try something else?

And the "something else" is to look into the Word of God and find what He has to say. After all, He created this -- it and the fulness thereof belong to Him; yet how often have you heard environmentalists say anything about God or Jesus or what the Bible says? Indeed, the Elizabeth Greys of the world have some pretty screwy ideas about Christians in general -- I believe she's the one who said Christians must love global warming because they believe it's a sign Jesus is about to return. A little unclear on the concept, sweetheart!

WHATEVER ... my own belief about this book is that it will turn the environmental issue not on its ear, but right side up. Once we stop obsessing about the environment and obsess about God instead, we'll see some big changes. His Word guarantees that He will take care of our land so long as we keep looking to Him.

Of course, if I told you more about the book, you wouldn't buy it ... so to order, email me -- It's $20.

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