Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Good News -- it's free; The Bad News -- it's free.

Further to "It Takes A Village" (below) ... I've really been wondering about the editorial philosophy of one of the freebie papers that get handed out at SkyTrain stations in the morning. 24 Hours ran in-depth pieces on the Pickton victims throughout the trial, and even ran profiles of Pickton himself. The idea was to make "human beings" out of his victims, get into Pickton's head and, in general, make people think (I surmise) about the whole sorry case.

OK so far. The same paper has also run stories about how hard and dangerous it is to be a prostitute.

So far, so good. A little social conscience. Not bad.

The same paper produced a two-page section on How To Make Your Own Porn Movie, and promotes something called "Taboo - the naughty but nice sex show".

Is it just me, or is there something glaringly inconsistent here?

Or are they just trying to boost readership?


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