Saturday, July 30, 2016

The beautiful fruit: a reminder from the Lord

One of God's many attributes is that He is self-revelatory -- i.e. He makes Himself known to us in His way ... and sometimes, those ways can be surprising -- and surprisingly glorious. 

My wife, Amelia, and her mother came home yesterday with an egg-crate full of fresh figs, bought from a chap on the Saanich Peninsula. Delicious! Hasn't this been an amazing summer for fruit? We've been enjoying "two-bite" cherries, amazing peaches, blueberries and blackberries ... my friends in Otter Point realized last week they have to pick their apples NOW because their tree is so full and those babies are READY! 

Come to think of it, our apple tree has exploded with apples this year -- it hardly bore anything last year; these ones are not quite ready -- but they will be, soon.

It almost makes you forget the turmoil and strife in our world. But the turmoil is man-made, and the solutions, so far, have just brought more turmoil.

And here we have these magnificent fruit crops, which are the product of that ages-old partnership between humans and God: a combined effort of what we need to do and what we leave to Him. (Isaiah 28:23-29 refers, in part, to that partnership.)

There it is: God, revealing Himself in a beautiful way that is both understated and spectacular, that He is here, reaching out to us through the branches and bushes to give us the very best.
He's reminding us, too, that even in the face of all the things that worry us and cause us fear, don't despair. He's there, calling to us to turn to Him with all of our issues.

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