Sunday, April 5, 2015

Why does the "Religious Right" continue to play into the enemy's hands?

The latest fuss du jour in US politics is a law that some states are trying to bring in that would allow, as I understand it, a business to refuse to serve certain types of people on the basis of "religious freedom". OK ... I'll pound this home with a mallet: it would allow businesses like florists and bakeries to refuse to cater gay weddings.

This, of course, has brought the predictable polemic on all sides of the equation, and sadly, it's one more notch on the enemy's rifle-butt. Because the "ambassadors of Christ" are once again allowing themselves to be portrayed as hate-mongers and people who quite possibly need Jesus are being driven away.

What did Jesus tell us to do?

Spread the Gospel.

Love one another -- even the ones who disagree with you and may well hate you.

Make disciples of all nations.

DON'T YOU SEE THE OPPORTUNITY? If someone walks into your business and they evidently hold a world-view different from yours as a Christian, YOU HAVE A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE! Take the job, and while you have them there, witness to them about the glory of Jesus, God's love, and the miracles He's done in your life. Tell them what a sinner you were until you met Jesus. Give them one of those "Power in your Pocket" versions of the Book of John. Exude love and welcome and, above all, NO JUDGMENT.

Maybe they'll walk out and not do business with some religious freakazoid. Maybe they'll nod politely and wait until you're finished. And maybe ... just maybe ... perhaps way off in the future ... they'll consider that Christian who didn't turn them away, but who cared enough to share his/her deeply held belief and the good news that was too good to keep to him/herself.

To my mind, that is the true nature of "religious freedom" -- not a defence, but a powerful weapon of attack: the bright light that darkness cannot overcome.

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