Monday, April 28, 2008

The Showers Saga - 19: We Open Wednesday

Following the April 19 work party, we were left with a few things still to accomplish before we could open. Murray Scott, our friend from Westpointe Christian Centre, came in on Saturday the 26th to complete the walling-in of the showers and finish the drywall. Our dear friends from the Mennonite church in Abbotsford -- led by Jason (one of them) -- came out to lend a hand, and Murray, with what I understand is his usual patience and clarity of instruction, showed them what needed to be done and then turned them loose.

They had a new urgency of purpose, too. On Wednesday, at the monthly prayer meeting upstairs at Gospel Mission, Pastor Barry made a declaration: the showers must open before the end of the month. Even if all the interior work is still not complete (and it won't be), we have to turn the water on and open the door on Wednesday April 30.

And so we will. At 6:00 Wednesday morning, I'll be in there, putting the lights on, turning on the hot water tank and setting up the coffee; 7:00, the door opens. I know there's been a lineup of people wanting to be the first to have a shower in the new place, so it will be interesting to see who it will actually be.

It's what's called in the marketing biz a "soft launch", and we'll do something really special further down the road. But for now, the call of God on this project is to get it open and ready as soon as it's practical: and it is now.

Had a chance to testify at Westpointe on Sunday -- it was wonderful to hear the applause for the news that it's about to open. Not for me, but for the wondrous work of God to make this happen. One couple, Don and Joyce Low, who have been very supportive from the beginning, werethere: they go to other churches as the Spirit leads, and "just happened" to be at Westpointe on the day that I gave the testimony.

I had already agreed to give an update to the Richmond Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship on -- guess when? -- Wednesday. Now I'll REALLY have something to tell them! And by the time I speak to the monthly men's breakfast at Sonrise Full Gospel in Surrey on June 14th, we'll be well underway!

Lord, we cannot give You enough praise for making this happen, and we stay right with You to take this further. No one said it was going to be easy, but the same Spirit that moved on the face of the waters and raised Christ from the dead and now lives in those who believe and receive it is carrying the project onward!

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